4 Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Need To Understand In 2021

In recent years, Instagram developed utterly, and it continues to expand its growth. This photo-sharing app reaches massively among the people to share their vacations, holiday photos with compelling trends. Also, you can work with every type of influencer, advertiser, and brand to improvise your marketing aspects. From this point, your audience should use Instagram. Top trends of Instagram statistics target your right audiences, where they may be scrolling through their feeds right now. The fact for marketers is whereby and how they need to be present on Instagram. 

Suppose your brand doesn’t exist on Instagram; this marketing using Instagram statistics will satisfy your requirements and offer you an idea of what you need to be performing on the social media platform. Thus, let’s kick start with these four Instagram statistics for 2021 to identify the rising essential features for your business on Instagram. 

1. Instagram Hashtags

After the usage of hashtags to tag along with identifying niche on social media platforms was initiated by Twitter in 2007. Moreover, its use has reached several audiences. Instagram has no exception for hashtags, whereas brands, companies, and influencers use hashtags on Instagram and expand worldwide. It is so much so that the recent Instagram statistics show that an average Instagram post consists of as several as 10.7 hashtags. Do you plan to try every hashtag? If so, you can reach out to new users to grow your followers. Recent studies show that using Instagram hashtags is not more or less. As a fact, the engagement rate reduces for posts having six or more hashtags, making use of five or less. You can buy Instagram reels views to cope with it.  

2. How Long People Spend On Instagram Daily?

Followers spend most of their time on Instagram as they check on Facebook. The total time at which Android users invest on Instagram is similar to Facebook. In June 2018, Facebook users consumed 58 minutes on the platform rather than Instagram users’ 53 minutes per day. The time spent on Instagram is more considerable as more people spend their time in the app, the more ads they look at and the chances they have to recognize your brand. Also, Instagram revealed initiating the Story feature that increased the number of times people regularly invested in the app. Moreover, the time spent on Instagram subjects and the time of day that every user was active on the platform. In this method, you can understand the perfect time to post on Instagram for your brand’s profit. 

3. How Businesses Use Instagram?

Nowadays, Instagram is becoming popular among followers and users. A recent report estimates that 71% of US businesses demand that they use Instagram for their business. Also, it reveals that seven out of ten hashtags on Instagram seem to brand new. More than 80% of companies review Instagram engagement as the critical metric. Instagram’s engagement serves as the necessary KPIs for several marketers, but it’s not that natural process to estimate it. While experiencing faster development on the Instagram platforms, it’s tough to maintain the updates and evaluate.  

Businesses have an ideal chance to use Instagram for social media marketing methods. Instagram has got a massive market and a captivating audience where you can reach without huge investments. 

4. Instagram Stories

In August 2016, Instagram initiated its stories features. It is a game-changing attribute that lets users take photos or videos that disappear after 24-hours. After creating this attribute on Instagram, audiences started sharing more content on Instagram. Moreover, 500 million Instagram profiles use stories every day. Not only that but also one-third of the most checked Instagram stories are from businesses. Instagram rocked on the platform by using the stories feature that provides the people with the best reason to share their regular activities without maintaining the content on their profile. It is also a perfect chance for businesses to improve their online visibility. Instagram posts are displaying how you can also begin using Instagram stories to enhance your audience. 

Takeaway Facts

During the years, Instagram proved to be an effective marketing tool for every business checking to elaborate their reach and online presence. We believe that these four Instagram statistics for 2021 will support your brand by investing and providing some facts of what to perform on the platform with the next big step.