Unbelievable And Updated TikTok Statistics

Formerly in 2018, TikTok reached $3.5 million on in-app purchases from users. This year TikTok’s revenue rose by 310%  with in-app purchases on a year-over-year basis. The users purchase the filters and effects to make their content enjoyable. The United States reports higher in-app purchases and advertisements.

It is studied that an average TikTok user spends nearly 52 minutes each day on the platform. The app is opened by 30% of the user every day and multiple times a day. While most users (70%) spend time watching videos, and notably, half of the users (50%) upload their videos on the platform. It is found that a considerable portion of TikTok’s income comes from advertising and turned out to be a huge deal for advertisers. Advertising on TikTok can direct the users to your website page in the App store and promote your “hashtag challenge”.

ByteDance has reported that the users from the United States open the app eight times in a day. 

It also ranks high in average engagement rate with the most extended duration of 4.9 seconds. Comparatively, the engagement rate of other social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have turned low.

In India and China, TikTok has significantly contributed to the development of educational content. The annual report of Byte Dance represents that nearly 14 million knowledge oriented content videos were shared on the platform the previous year. Bytedance successfully led the instructional videos and promoted the same with the hashtag #EduTok. The hashtag #EduTok has been nearly viewed 85.8 billion times since it was introduced.

TikTok has a more extensive user base in India than China, with nearly 120 million active users every month. The TikTok users in India who are benefitting in on the app’s Virtual gifts, events, and partnerships have significantly endowed with a viable income source. The Sensor Tower reports that In2020, the app’s head of operations in India forecasts 50% growth. According to the reports of Kalagato, an analytics startup located in Delhi shared with Quartz, nearly 52% of the users in Indian earn less than 25,000 rupees per month, approximately equivalent to 350 USD.

The entertainment-based content is the predominant category viewed on the app and has gathered around 443.3 hashtag views. All kinds of lip-synching videos are included in this category. The content category based on dance ranks second, with 150.3 billion hashtag views total. Also, categories such as fitness (43.3 billion), fashion (17.5 billion), and pets (7.5 billion) have gained significant attention as the users found their time and interest getting monopolized on entertainment. Nowadays, TikTok users are willing to invest much time watching videos on a broader range of topics.

Almost 16 percent of all TikTok videos are connected with hashtag challenges, and above one-third of the TikTok users have experimented with it.

Also brands have traveled abroad. Clean & Clear inspired the followers through 2.62 million videos included and its branded hashtag challenge.  The Snackmaker has wrapped nearly sixty million views within 24 hours of the challenge.

TikTok is available for use in 75 different languages and 155 countries across the world. Nearly 150 million of these users predominantly use the Chinese version (Douyin app), but still, there is an exponential growth of users in the Asian market. It is reported that the app offers a tremendous opportunity to target markets in 155 different countries across the world. Content creation is the essential aspect of TikTok, and the category of videos available may be funny or silly. Attracting a massive audience overnight is partly affected by the usage statistics of the country and enthralling challenges.TikTok statistics hint at numerous business and marketing opportunities for social media app development companies. There are numerous TikTok service providers spread across the market from whom companies buy TikTok likes and establishes their presence. 

The United States has reported with around 8.2 million women users, which is higher than that of men (6.1 million). Its reach is predominant among females aging between 18 and 24.

While a more balanced approach is found at Japanese users’ demographics, the teenagers (15%) and the users in their 40s (12.1%) are the two highest age groups using the TikTok platform. Also, both men and women users are approximately equal in TikTok. In 2019, India reported a significant increase in TikTok users. Unlike in other countries, In India, 90.5% of users are male as of December 2019. Also, males around the 20s are the majority users in India.